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CTR Tool is the Best Social Proof Notification Tool for your Website. If you have an online store, Drop Shipping Website, eCommerce, Online Accommodation, Digital Service or eBook Selling, then this is the ultimate tool for you. Using CTRtool, you can expect to increase your CTR by up to 20%. It's the best tool to help you to grow your online business. - Background Love -

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Why Use CTRtool?

If you are an online seller. Then you have noticed 80% of visitors are leaving your website without taking any action. This is a very big problem, right? We have introduced an innovative Social Proof tool called This is designed to attract visitors to take action & increase your conversion rate & profit by up to 20%. You can use 14 different features on your website just adding a single line of code like Messages, Promo Codes, Random good reviews, Special Offers & also collect visitor's feedback & a lot of things. Create a free account & you can use our Free & Subscription Packages. So join now in & make your business at the next level.

Benefits of the Social Proof Tool

  • Increase CTR & Conversion Rate.
  • Personalize your Widget.
  • Powerful Analytics.
  • RealTime Tracking.
  • Customizable.
  • Increase your trust.
  • Fast Support.
Why Use - Social Proof Tool

Easy to Set Up any kind of Websites

This Social Proof Tool is compatible with all kinds of websites like WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Blogger, Custom website and any CMS. Not necessary for any kind of technical knowledge.

Custome Website

Boost your website CTR by following these three steps

CRT Tool is the professional marketing tool and you can easily configure it in your website.

Connect your website

Connect your website

The installation of the social Proof Tool is very easy. Just copy and paste the javascript code into your website head section.

Follow the Tutorial.
Create Notifications

Create Notifications

Creating a notification is simple. Just go to the dashboard and follow the steps. within 2 min you can create notification without any knowledge.

Follow the Tutorial.
Grow & Profit

Grow & Profit

Social Proof tool is the ultimate tool for your online business. It'll increase your CTR and conversion rate rapidly.

Create Your Account

Create your free account and enjoy the world's best Social Proof Tool. And you can also enjoy our free basic package for a lifetime.

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