How to Increase the Organic CTR for Your Website

How to Increase the Organic CTR for Your Website

A plethora of Companies & businesses now showcases their product and services via their websites. E-commerce, the exchange of goods and services via the cyberspace is akin to buying and selling on the internet. Ecommerce is now very common across the globe and it is predicted that the amount involved in eCommerce will keep increasing massively and will hit the $4.88 trillion mark in 2021!

This is 2020, and if your business is yet to leverage on this boom, then you are lagging behind! Wake up and take action! I'm sure that you want your business to have a competitive advantage. You have to think of ways to start boosting the eCommerce conversion rate of your business website.

Don't wait any longer, your eCommerce conversion will never be effective if you don't take action. It does not really depend on the number of people that visit our website but the number of visitors that actually clicks to, subscribe, order or make a purchase from your website.

You have to ponder on the right actions to take, how to engage your visitors, how you can make them keep visiting your website, and most importantly, how to boost the click-through rate (CTR) of your website.

There are no limits to technological advancements; it is not late. You have to start acquiring potent eCommerce skills that will boost your website conversion. It is not bad to make a little investment to improve your website click through Rate (CTR). It does not matter whether your business is small-scale or a startup. Here are tips on how to boost the rate of conversion on your e-commerce website.


Use attractive images for your products

The picture is one thing that sells products online. This is a proven fact. The sight of your product can attract sales, so you should think of doing some awesome things with the images of your products. No one wishes to buy products that he has not seen. More so, these images should be very attractive.  Your website pages should not only showcase images of your products and services, but the pictures should be conspicuously displayed. Your images rank tops on the list of conversion elixirs as it can attract loads of conversions. Get to work with your graphics designer and you will soon harness the secret conversion powers in images. With well-optimized images, you can improve your website conversion rate without breaking a sweat!

Work on your image size. Yes, size matters a lot. You should always use large images with super high quality. Never compromise quality! High-resolution pictures should always be your pick. Always leave a significant white space and the pictures should be shown from different angles of view. Your visitors may want to dig deeper to have a clearer view of your product. They should be able to zoom, rotate, and interact with the images from various orientations. This is quite simple and cost-free. Images optimization is one of the ways to improve your website conversion with very little effort.

Use attractive images for your products


Your Product description should be apt & with a Call to action

Take another look at your product description. Does it tell the visitor about your unique selling point? Does it reflect the value proposition of the product and services you offer? Your product description should be very comprehensive enough for the visitor to know whether your product will satisfy his needs or not. Don't try to hype your product and services, be truthful but with more emphasis on your value proposition. The length of your product description does not matter. Many online marketers believe that a short product description is better, so they hurriedly summarize the product description in a few sentences. An interested visitor will be engaged. He will spend time reading your product description not minding the length, so no need to rush. Your product description should be well detailed and you should end it with a sentence or paragraph with the call-to-action message. You should include a Call-to-action button and it is best if the button is conspicuously positioned. A call-to-action button that is well-placed can accrue massive conversions.

More so, you need to provide a summary of the product description, and it should easy to read. The summary should be an overview of the product or services and the visitor should be able to read through it at a glance.

Your Product description should be apt & with a Call to action


Make use of videos

You will improve your website engagement and conversion if you incorporate videos in your product description. Short and informative video clips should always accompany your product description and should be placed on your main page. Don't be perturbed about the cost, you don't need a professional video coverage for this. Your phone camera can do it for you. Animated videos are trending, you can hire a freelance graphics designer to make one for you at a very cheap cost. Now, let me introduce you to a killer technique that will draw the quantum of sales. You should establish close contact and communication with your customers. Very sales should come with a testimonial. You can offer them discounts for short video testimonials. Gather these video testimonials and place them on your website pages, sit back and wait for the results. Videos have proven to be very efficient in website conversion because of their engagement power.



Make use of Optimization tools

To get quick results, you need a little investment. There are lots of optimization tools that you can use in your website's eCommerce conversion. These tools are very amazing and efficient in analyzing your current rate of conversion and how to improve. Simply get a social Proof notification tool and start converting your website visitors to buyers. Social Proof notification tool from CTRTOOL.COM is awesomely packed with six tools that will automate your website conversion. This award-winning tool from CTRTOOL.COM is a must-have for all eCommerce websites. The social proof notification tool from CTRTOOL.COM has helped several businesses in getting sales on Autopilot. With this social proof notification tool, User ratings, activities of users, and positive feedbacks from your loyal visitors will be automatically displayed on the homepage of your website. Your customers will trust you more, your conversion will increase and your sales will skyrocket!

While deciding on the social proof notification tool to incorporate your website, you should consider whether it can integrate easily with top content management platforms such as WordPress, Zapier, etc. The social proof notification tool from CTRTOOL.COM is simple and easy to use. You don't need to be techie before you can start using it. Meanwhile, your other social proof notification tools that you can try out are listed below:

  1. Hot jar

  2. Crazyegg

  3. Quantcast measure

  4. Clicky

  5. Mixpanel, etc.

They are all great in analyzing and showcasing the positive side of your products to your visitors.

The die is cast. All the tips provided above will surely boost the conversion rate of your website, so go ahead and make use of these tips and watch how the conversion rate of your website will skyrocket.