Frequently Asked Questions


A. Is There A Free Package Available?

Yes, CTRtool provides you a free package for a lifetime with limited features and impressions. If you are a professional then we recommend you use a premium plan.


B. Where I can use this CTRtool?

CTRtool is the best social proof tool. Its design for all kinds of websites. You can use this tool for any kind of website like WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce & Custome website, etc.


C. Will CTRtool Slow Down My Website?

No, CTRtool never slows down your website. CTRtool is a cloud-based application and we always load the tool after loading your site.


D. Why CTRtool is not showing on my website?

CRTtool is one of the best social proof tools for your website and it doen not not require any technical knowledge to get going!

If CTRtool is not showing in your website then there are four possibilities,

  1. Your active plan may be expired. You can check your plan status inside the dashboard.
  2. CTRtool not installed properly on your website.
  3. The targeting for your CTRtool is not correct.


E. How Do I Remove The CTRtool Branding?

Yes! You can remove the branding. We offer these features in our premium package.


F. How I can pay without PayPal?

Yes, you can pay using PayPal. If you do not avail to pay via PayPal then you can contact us at We'll help you.